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A Japanese Make of Organ Models That Can be Utilized in the Medical Spots

At crossMedical, Inc., we are engaged in manufacturing specialized in the medical field based on the resin processing technology cultivated in the development and prototyping industry. Standard organ models which reproduce elaborate internal structures based on biological data are used for education, training to improve procedures, explanations to patients, and the development and promotion of medical devices in the medical spots.


All organ models are produced on biological data

We produce organ models based on biological data such as CT, and have the congenital pediatric heart disease models that reproduce a real form. The models can be utilized more meaningfully for even teaching aids, a developmental study and training because those models are produced based on the data.

Organ models that assume usage senarios

The soft resin models have a feature that it is possible to observe the inside by sutures, incisions with scalpels and opening. In addition, the aortic arch model and the coronary arteries model would be able to be used through a real catheter. Each product is made with the assumption that you will be using it.

Customization also can be possible based on the standard organ model

We can make custom-made models to customize the standard organ model according to your requests. In other words, we can meet your various demands such as not only the expression of an aneurysm or a stricture but alsomaterial changes.

Introduction video of the interior of the highly reproducible heart model (Cardio Model E.V.)

【Product Lineup】

Cardio Model E.V.

A model based on CT data of adult normal hearts. It is possible to observe the interior of it since there are cuts in six parts, and it assists you to grasp the structure and positional relationship of the valve. The lumen of the coronary vein is reprduced up to the inlet, and the parts after the inlet is buried.
Adult Norml Heart Model

The cavity of the coronary vein makes it possible to insert catheters. Also, you can cut any part you would like to and train for thoracotomy becuase there are no cuts in the model. Owing to the transparent model, it has a visible lumen and it is also suitable for checking the behavior of the deviece.
Congenital Childhood Heart Deisease Model

They are four reporesentative congenital chilhood haert disease models. Cuts in each model make the internal observation possible. You can explain symptoms to a family of a patient with the model.
Childhood Normal Heart Model

This is a model that modeles a chioldhood normal heart that reproduces precisely the internal structure. A major feature is that it is easier to grasp the structure because there is a cut for checking the inside of the heart.
Surgery Training Model

It is a dedicated model of surgical technique training of congenital childhood heart disease. You can do train practically and easily under the dry environment.
Aortic Arch Model

This model enables simulations such as confirmation of stent graft and replacement traininig of artificial blood vessel.
Normal Heart Four Valves Model

This is a dedicated just four valves model. Each valve can be observed from the atrium and ventricular sides, and you can check each structure easily.
Coronary Artery Model

This model reproduces only the lumens of the left and right coronary arteries. It is possible to check the shape of the coronary arteries more clearly.
Ventricular Cut Model

This is a model of a standard adult male heart that is cut in the ventricle. It is possible to observe valves from the ventricular side, and confirmation of the positional relation between valves and great vessels. Transparent and wet models have been prepared.

Chest Model

This model is for understanding the positional relationship between luncgs nad the haert, and it can be disassembled into multiple parts. Based on the CT data of adult men, it is precisely reproduced and reduced to 50% taking convenience into consideration. It is possible to confirm the blood flow in the pulmonary artery and vein because the lungs are made of transparent materials.

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