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Global warming regulation corresponding product preventing rotational vibration loss Dynamic balance available for any rotor

Automatic balancing equipment ’’Zero shin’’

【Owning Balancer patent】Patent right registered number 4522493. International patent with US, China, India, Indonesia etc.

By installing proprietary product automatic balancing device ‘’Zero shin’’, capable of avoiding harmful effect on all sorts of rotating part caused by rotational vibration. Thereby enable to extend saving energy, achieving its long life, enhancing accuracy, promoting automated system operation rate. Also supportable for global warming regulation, power shortage by spreading electric cars, each kind of high accuracy on unmanned operated process or driving. The theme is ‘’defy existing conventional wisdom rotating part is consumable’’ with suggesting world’s first patent product ZS type automatic balancing device to each industry (machine tool, automobile, railway, airplane, shipping, generator, edge tool consumables).

‘’Zero shin’’ fitting examples


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