High-End infrared-ray(IR) moisture analyzer(Made in Japan)

Wide-Range type
Wide-Range type

Fiber-Sensor type
Moisture Meter

Based on the absorptivity of water at specific wavelengths (such as 1.2μm, 1.45μm, 1.94μm, 2.95μm, etc.) of near-infrared (NIR), our analyzers could measure the moisture of the object through the near-infrared rays of 1.94μm or 1.45μm.
Also, in order to avoid the color or state of the surface of object affecting the measurement, we synchronically measuring with other 2 wavelengths of NIRs (such as 1.81μm and 2.1μm) which would not be absorbed by moisture. And calculating the water content based on the measured values of all the three wavelengths NIRs.
1.Optical fiber sensor tpye
(1)Through the optical fiber sensor to avoid measurement being affected by the environment.
(2)Operating in narrow spaces
(3)Detect objects in potentially explosive hazardous environments through the remote end of the optical fiber
2.Simultaneously using three-wavelength NIRs to achieve higher accuracy
3.Analogical Calculating and real-time measurement
4.Easy to carry and move size and weight
Wide-area, non-planar moisture measurement
1.The optical fiber sensor can be removed to measure the moisture content in a wide range and non-planar area (highest-end model of optical fiber sensor model only)
2.The maximum measurable diameter is 190mm (more than 3 times wider than fiber-optic sensor models)
3.Able to measure stacked objects such as stacking, capsule, and various forms of raw materials
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