OES Co., Ltd.

Made in Japan A Superior Ammonia Draining Treatment Facility

As Counter-Nitrogen, Coping with the Total Amount Regulation / Fully Compatible with the Measure of Nitrogen Draining Eutrophication


Converting ammonia into non-polluting nitrogen

High efficiency and space saving

Low running cost

Distilled separation by water vapor

■High efficiency by collecting water vapor

Heat of ammonia decomposition(hot wind) is steamless by a scrubber method.

Non-Pulluting Treatment                                                   Ammonia separated by ammonia effluent treatments would be converted into pollution-free by catalysis.

     4NH3+302—2N2+8H20 (Into non-polluting

Space saving Small and compact / In the case of the ST0N treatment

     Installation Area≦10mx10m


   Flow Sheets

Collecting over 80% of water vapor / Accomodate for water volume change by a high removal rate           

Steamless / Low running cost

STMP-SCRB Feature Comparison  CO2 Reduction

Conditions of Treated Water


Company Overview

Company Name OES Co., Ltd.
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