High‐performance Air blow/Fine-grain spray/Foam washing – Made in Japan

[GA-REW]Introduction of GA-REW’s main products Air blow/Fine-grain spray/Foam washing

Pro-line collection

Air blow nozzle】 Very simple to install! Decreases defect rate and help to save electricity.

Depiction of Line blaster
Depiction of Line blaster (low pressure)
Depiction of Mega swing nozzle

Image of Air injection】

Image is for illustrative purposes only.
Image is for illustrative purposes only.

Improvement of the blow off effect

The nozzle spins/swings at high speed and blows dust or moisture away. Draining and dust removal efficiency are improved, which allows decreasing defect rate.

Save electricity

The compressed air reaches extensively. Also, the usage of compressed air is reduced, which helps to save electricity significantly.

Simple to take in

To make the installment simple, the specification and size have been well developed. All it takes is to exchange with general nozzles.

Application:Dust removal, Draining, Dehydrate at production line / Cooling for plastic part / Fine deburring / Cleaning for dust collecting filter


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